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Research and market reports

We have more than 25 years’ experience working across global sport industry.

Development programmes & training

We have worked with the world top institutions in China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai.

Content creation

We have extensive experience in journalism and in producing media contents

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Policy and strategy consulting

Our work focuses are on the geopolitical economy of sport and marketing in sport industry.


We know that understanding and trust are in the center of any successful business.

“Sporting should no longer be defined by nationality. Sporting is branding.”

Simon Chadwick
Yihan Hu


SASBC is a bridge-builder agent between China and Arab countries in sports business and the entertainment industry.

Our founders have extensive experiences in academia, consultancy and journalism, they accumulate particular expertise working at the intersection of sport, business, politics and technology, specifically in a Eurasia context.

Find more about the latest book of Professor Simon Chadwick Geopolitical Economy of Sport

The Geopolitical Economy of Sport

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